Custom-Made Rope Tricks

Do you have a PERSONAL ROUTINE requiring a specially prepared rope?

PAVEL offers you a unique service:

Fitting invisible gimmicks into the quality cotton rope of some 10mm (3/8") in diameter

It's generally recognized that NOBODY can do it better !

Rope is available in FIVE colours


Email your requirements regarding color, lengths of rope and positions of gimmicks
You'll get a quote within 48 hours (if possible)

Prices of the custom-made ropes are increased by some 7%

Exemple: SUPER WALKING KNOT - PRO customized in RED or YELLOW ... EUR 240.00 (+ shipping)

Plain Rope by small quantities, minimum order: EUR 20.00 (shipping extra)
WHITE....... EUR 1.00 per meter----- COLOUR....... EUR 1.50 per meter

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