Hop-Along Bangle (or Jumping Silks) on Rope
Sucker Transpositions

A bangle (it may be aborrowed bracelet) is threaded onto a piece of rope.

It is firmly attached on the top of the rope with a genuine knot..

Having been given a gentle shake the bangle is seen to have jumped to the bottom of the rope.

This is twice repeated. The bangle jumps to the top... and then back to the bottom of the rope.


All understand the "Monkey Business", So, the rope is given one more shake.

Finally, the bangle appears attached in the center of the rope!

Instead of the single bangle, watch three silks, attached onto to the rope, change places.
Silk Magic

.HOP - ALONG BANGLE - special white Rope with plastic Bangle + DVD Demo
.JUMPING SILKS ON ROPE white Rope with three 12" Silks

EUR 39.50(+ shipping)
EUR 46.00 (+ shipping)


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