Lectures and shows at magic conventions worldwide

This announcement is intended exclusively for members of magical societies


How about one of my 5 theme lectures ?

1. MAG net IC TRICKS( with vareity of objects)

2. ORIGINAL ROPE MAGIC (prepared ropes)

3. BEST OF (miscellaneous for all)

4. MENTAL SPECIAL (with a personal touch)

5. MAGICAL CREATION (how to invent a new trick)



I'll be delighted to perform this

Rope Rhapsody

at your next magical event


is both astonishing to watch and easy to perform.
He is the author of several books on magic and is known around the world for his magical creations.
It is no wonder that, the Academy of Magical Arts, honored Pavel with the
Creative Fellowship Award.

The Magic Castle’s Past President Mark Wilson
the Creative Fellowship to Pavel at the Awards Banquet

at the MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood, California

"For his enduring contributions to the art of conjuring..."

"Retrospective Photo Gallery"

***For decades now, the name PAVEL has been synonymous with some of the most innovative magic around. Pavel has mystified and entertained the public with his fantastic magical inventions while, at the same time, delighting and inspiring magicians the world over during his countless shows and lectures worldwide.***

5. Lecture on Magical Creation
Have you ever dreamed of being a magical inventor
This lecture may offer you a solution


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The lecture deals precisely with the subject "how to invent a new trick". It features a large range of his latest amazing creations using general props such as ropes, cards, silks, balloons, clothespins, ribbons, colored discs, bills… Not less than two dozen different effects are performed and explained.

All are clearly pictured in a brochure 100% MAGIC – 100% PAVEL. These entirely illustrated LECTURE NOTES provide to every attendee a welcome memory aid for the large extent of the items shown and give the detailed description of all the props necessary for their realization.


Come to watch the show and learn something new.

In addition, Pavel proposes MAGICAL CREATION, a 33-page booklet, in which he reveals his philosophy and his singular approach regarding the creation of original magic. The work includes practical samples of magical plots and the methods of their solutions.

***If you are wholly a card or coin performer maybe this lecture may not be high on your ‘must attend’ list but if you are seeking some new impressive and commercial stuff be sure not to miss it.  You can be certain to learn something that is new and completely different.***

***Pavel’s Magic has taken him all around the World and now he’s ready to share his favorite creations - and his exuberant imagination that makes it all work - with you.***

Pavel is based in Geneva, Switzerland and lectures in English, French or German.

***Remarks from reviews by Gary OUELLET, Jim SISTI and Bob HAYDEN ***

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