Rapid Rope Routine
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"Flash" Rope Restoration


The ends of a piece rope, held each in one hand, knot themselves automatically forming a loop. The loop is cut but immediately the rope ends attach themselves again.The loop is cut once more. The two knots are untied one by one, which gives three separate pieces of rope. These are tossed into the air. A completely restored length of rope falls back into the magician’s hands! .

A great routine! Easy to do and 100% self-working

2. "FLASH" ROPE RESTORATION (not pictured)

A length of rope is tied into a large loop. The center of the loop is cut. The knot in the middle of the rope is untied which results in two equal pieces of rope. The performer keeps just one of the four rope ends in his hand and drops the rest.

Amazingly, the falling pieces restore openly into a continuous length of a solid rope. A spectator is invited to pulllon it to prove that the rope is apparently not gimmicked..

1. .RAPID ROPE & FLASH RESTORATION (Fully (Illustrated + DVD Instructions)
2. "FLASH" ROPE RESTORATION - single Effect

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