The Black Knot
Incredible, yet true. You must see it to believe it !


Performer displays a piece of white rope at his fingertips and ties a GENUINE KNOT in the center. After which, he takes a black hanky and rubs it against his palm in order to “blacken” it. When the WHITE knot is gripped by the hand, it turns visibly into BLACK! To finish, the magician unties the knot. A short BLACK section makes effectively a part in the center of the white rope!

A revolutionary discovery plus the "NEW-ERA" Knot conception allow this marvel!

This elaborated trick is likely to become a Collector's item


Each numbered set comes with
a Certificate of Authenticity


If your wisth to watch the routine before ordering, you can get a DVD Demos for FREE at a simple request

THE BLACK KNOT (Black hanky included) + DVD Demo

EUR 57.00 (+ shipping)

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