1. News-Silks Knotting

A sheet of newspaper is formed into a cone and the bottom of the cone torn off. Silks are placed into the cone, yet as they emerge from the bottom, they are knotted together. An eye appealing effect!

SUPPLIED: Model of the cone with all the silks and illustrated Instructions + DVD Demo - EUR 48.00 + shipping

2. Instant Silk

The magician exhibits an empty glass and places a red silk and a yellow silk in it. The inferior red silk instantly vanishes. The magician drops a" magic seed" into the glass and just as suddenly the red silk reappears.

SUPPLIED: All the silks, plastic tumbler plus gimmicks and illustrated Instructions+ DVD Demo - EUR 36.00 + shipping

3. Quadsilx

Four silks of different colours are placed into an empty ordinary glass. All is covered with a white silk. When the silks are pulled from the glass they have blended into one multicolored silk.

SUPPLIED: A set of particular silks (use your own glass) with Instructions + DVD Demo - EUR 54.00 + shipping

4. Silks and Rings

Two silks are firmly attached each to a ring of the matching colour. The silks change places several times by simply passing behind the magician's back. Silks and rings can be handed out for examination, if desired.

SUPPLIED: A set of neat plastic rings with two silks and illustrated Instructions + DVD Demo - EUR 30.00 + shipping

5. Silk in a Balloon

An inflated opaque balloon is laid on a table. A spectator chooses one of a number of coloured silks - a free choice. The silk vanishes from the magician's hand. The balloon is tossed into the air and burst with a long needle, whereupon the vanished silk appears in a flash.

SUPPLIED: All the gimicks, long needle, 24 black balloons + DVD Demo (use your own Silks) - EUR 33.00 + shipping

6. Blendo in a Crystal Tube + Box

Four different coloured silks are tucked one by one into a piece of Perspex tubing. The tube is given a gentle shake.
When the silks are withdrawn, they are seen to have blended into a large multicoloured scarf .
(Pattern of the scarf is optional in three different designs!)

SUPPLIED: All the props housed in a wooden box with Instructions and DVD Demo - EUR 119.00 + shipping

Prices in US $ upon request

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