7. Jumping Silks on Rope

A red silk and two blue silks and are attached to a piece of rope. As the rope is twirled the red silk is seen to jump repeatedly up and down. This doesn't surprise anybody. Yet finally, the red silk appears knotted in the middle of the rope!

SUPPLIED: white rope with three silks. Illustrated Instructions + DVD ... EUR 46.00 + shipping
Comes with Instructions HOP-ALONG-BANGLE
A variation with a borrowed bracelet jumping from the top to the bottom and into the center of the rope.

8. Invisible Silk

Two blue silks are placed into a glass. An "invisible"silk (nothing to see) vanishes. It appears (still invisible) between the blue silks. The silk is detached and becomes suddenly visible. It vanishes from the magician's hand and reappears knotted between the blue silks.

SUPPLIED: Special glass, all the silks and gimmicks with Instructions+ DVD Demo - EUR 43.00 + shipping

9. Knots-off-Silk
A knot is tied in the center of a large scarf. By gently shaking the silk the knot slowly slides down and drops off. This is repeated three times. When the silk is spread out, there are three big holes seen in it!

SUPPLIED: Silk 90x90 and 3 fake knots with illustrated Instructions + DVD Demo - EUR 43.00 + shipping

10. Miracle Silk Pass

A knot is tied in the middle of a rope. The rope is placed behind the magician's neck. The magician places a silk into his mouth and apparently swallows it. With a jerk the rope penetrates the magician's neck and the vanished silk is seen attached to it.

SUPPLIED: Special rope, silks and all the gimmicks. Illustrated Instructions + DVD Demo - EUR 85.00 + shipping

11. News-Silks-Trio

Three silks are pulled through holes in a newspaper sheet. By withdrawing the middle silk, the others are seen tied to it.

SUPPLIED: All the silks and a model of newspaper.Instructions and DVD Demo - EUR 39.00 + shipping

OPTION: Instructions and DVD Demo only - NO Silks - use your own! - EUR 15.00 + shipping

12. Balloon Box Blendo

The magician shows four clear inflated balloons, each containing a differently coloured silk and an empty four-sided tube. Each balloon is placed into the makeshift box, and then bursts with a needle. When the empty tube is lifted, the single silks have blended into one milticoloured silk square.

SUPPLIED: All the silks, collapsible box, 24 balloons, long needle + Instructions + DVD Demo - EUR 129.00 + shipping

NOTE: This is a LIMITED EDITION ITEM made excluively upon request

IMPORTANT NOTICE (product modification)
The colours and colour combinations of the silks are merely indicative. You may give your preferences.
Pavel-MAGIC reserves the right to supply the colours available at the time of delivery.

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